A modern template built with modern technologies

Bootstrap 4 framework
Yarn package manager
Gulp task runner
Webpack module bundler
Angular framework
Vue.js framework
React framework
ASP.NET Core 2
Laravel PHP framework

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Key Features

Based on Bootstrap 4
RTL direction support
9 layouts
SCSS & ES6 sources
Material and dark styling
Dynamically change styling and layout options
59 pre-built pages
290+ ready-to-use UI Kit elements
Responsive design
10 carefully crafted skins
25 extra pages

Sketch Files Included

Easy to use libraries and components

Stunning Collection of Elements


Additional Pages


Work With Tools You Love

HTML5 + jQuery

·  Bundling with Gulp & Webpack
·  SCSS & ES6 sources


·  No jQuery dependency
·  SCSS sources
·  Angular CLI


·  No jQuery dependency
·  SCSS sources
·  Vue CLI


·  No jQuery dependency
·  SCSS sources
·  Create React App

Laravel + jQuery

·  Full Laravel Mix integration
·  SCSS & ES6 sources
·  Layout views

Laravel + Vue.js

·  No jQuery dependency
·  Full Laravel Mix integration
·  SCSS & ES6 sources

.NET MVC + jQuery

·  Integration with Bundling
·  SCSS sources with BundleTransformer
·  Layout views

.NET MVC + jQuery (Webpack)

·  Integration with Bundling
·  SCSS & ES6 sources
·  Asset management with Gulp & Webpack
·  Layout views

.NET Core + jQuery

·  Asset management with Gulp & Webpack
·  SCSS & ES6 sources
·  Layout views

.NET Core MVC + jQuery

·  Asset management with Gulp & Webpack
·  SCSS & ES6 sources
·  Layout views

What Customers Say

Bought your lovely admin template, thank you for your hard work. We have tried several of the other more "popular" themes but yours is a good balance between lightweight and comprehensive.
This theme is very very awesome.. amazing.. Wish u get best seller theme in bootstrap.. :D
With this message I want to express my gratitude to the fantastic post-sale service that Sergei offers. Its theme is a very good product, but the support it offers is undoubtedly a great added value. Sergei, again, thank you very much for your help and support.
First of all, congratulations with your theme. Easily one of the highest quality themes I have purchased, code- and design wise.
Thanks for the work on this theme. One of my best purchase, it is beautiful, versatile and the UI Kit phenomenal.
Am still short of words buddy.
Looks like you are a crazy man!
You bundled efforts, creativity and excellence worth $5000 into a $25 product...what the heck are you thinking!? The thing is, I am yet to recover.
Wait a minute...is this a team's work or just one crazy person???
Normally I try to browse through the demo of a theme am buying before paying, but yours, I was half way through when I urgently realised...I gotta pay before this dude change his mind!!!!
I couldnt believe what I am seeing.
Are you for real?
I am a backend dev and I had searched everywhere for a reasonable theme to go with my MVP when I stumbled on yours.
It has everything I needed for my app...and more.
Well, the least I can say is: Thanks so much for your effort.
I am looking forward to working with you for a long time!
First off you've done a fantastic job with this theme. It is comprehensive, reliable and consistent. The best theme I've worked with.
Thanks for the great job - I highly recommend Appwork.
Thank you for a great template. It's a joy to work with so far!
Just adding my voice to the chorus of praises ;)

I used this template in a django application. It was very forward to integrate, and always gets compliments when presented. Every single thing I wanted to display in my dashboard had an equivalent in this UI kit, so I could really focus on the backend without ever worrying about the frontend. For all my needs there is a pre-made and styled javascript/css package included that does exactly what I want (with the small exception of a full year calendar, for which I found a different plugin).

Even as a newbie to bootstrap, I was able to navigate, understand and slightly modify the code to my needs. It's exceptionally well structured and clear code. Installation and building is easy and well documented.

I was actually surprised, how little effort it took to build an amazing looking application with this template.

100% satisfied, for 25$ this is actually a steal.

Thank you, Sergei!
Made a purchase the other day. Appwork is a fantastic template and has lots of great features.
Hello, I've bought this theme for RTL support and that works very well out of the box. Great work on that.
It was love at first sight. I just love this template and will be using it to develop a webapp.
I've been waiting to put a theme on my new and almost done Django app. This theme is absolutely gorgeous and makes my app look like a million bucks! It's easy to use, fast, and looks just absolutely stunning. I have zero artistic talent and have struggling to find a suitable theme. I hit the jackpot with this one. Totally impressed. Great work and thank you!!
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